New RoNeX modules

New RoNeX Modules

The Shadow Robot Company has developed new prototype modules for RoNeX with a view to extending the RoNeX range beyond the existing Bridge and GIO modules already commercially available.








The new modules that have been developed include the following:



RoNeX Module: 16-bit ADC The 16-bit ADC stacker board pro-vides 16 analogue input channels, each sampled at 16-bits and at 1kHz. Up to three boards can be stacked onto the node, giving a total of 48 analogue input channels. This board is a huge improvement over the existing analogue input channels of the existing RoNeX, which samples at only 12-bits, and has a limited input voltage range of 0v – 4.2v.





RoNeX Module: 16-bit DAC This 16-bit DAC stacker provides 8 analogue outputs with 16-bit resolution, updated at 1kHz with signals from the PC. Each output can be individually and independently configured to one of several industrial output standards, including ±10V and 0 – 20mA.

Further details on RoNeX can be found at the Shadow Robot website:


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