XIII Medical Robots 2015 International Conference – Zabrze

Conference in Zabrze, Poland

XIII Conference on Medical Robots 2015 addressed issues related to the implementation of robots in many kinds of medical applications.

New projects in the field of surgical robots, diagnostic, welfare and rehabilitation, implemented in Poland and international projects were presented. Furthermore, experience in using commercial robots was shared, and experts of surgery discussed the use of robots in practice.


There was also a demonstration of robots from the Robin Heart family foundation, demonstrating a teleoperation of the robot. Originally, the conference organized at the Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development was inspired by a group of scientists and constructors of the Polish surgical robot called Robin Heart. The project has been launched in 2000 and was presented during open conferences assessing the progress of works and gave the directions for numerous practical applications.

The Robin Heart project greatly contributed to the revival of medical robotics in Poland. During the International “Medical Robots 2015” conference the progress of robotic surgery related to the STIFF-FLOP project has been demonstrated.


During the conference, there was a special session on the competition of young scientists for the "Statue of Robin" Jury award and the audience award, ”Arrows of Robin”. Both of these awards: Statuette Robin - Jury Award and the Arrow Robin – Audience Award went to Mr. Grzegorz Piątek of the company Prodromus, for his work on "Robot gait re-education - from idea to implementation".


The conference was attended by designers and users, representing various medical specialties, in the field of rehabilitation and home care. They discussed about the legitimacy of the use of medical robots and shared their experiences in applying them in the operating room (Prof. Wojciech Witkiewicz - Robot da Vinci). Among the foreign guests participating in the conference was Dr. Slawomir Marecik, who carried out treatments in American hospitals using the da Vinci robot and is one of the pioneers of its use in colorectal surgery.


The second day of the conference (December 18) was the dedicated to closed meetings of the International Society for Medical Robotics ISMR Academy of Art of Design Medical Robots. The Academy gathered experts in law, psychology, philosophy, design, data security, insurance, and entrepreneurship, discussing medical robotics. A highlight of the conference was the presentation of the STIFF-FLOP project. The Robin Heart Team of FRK presented models of the robot and the special test stations which facilitated testing under conditions simulating a surgical operating envi-ronment.


At the end of the conference the final version of the robot control console named Robin STIFF-FLOP was presented for the first time. It was designed by group SOKKA for FRK during the STIFF-FLOP project. During the two days of the conference 46 lectures were presented, more than 50 experts from various fields attended to the discussion, andin total nearly 250 guests attended the conference.




We kindly invite you to the next XIV Conference on Medical Robots 2016 which will be held in Zabrze. The conference is being organized by the International Society for Medical Robotics. In response to a broad interest among representatives of science, medicine and the media, the scope of the annual meeting of research workers, designers, constructors and users of robots will cover all robotized equipment used in medicine. Afterwards further research results which grew from our participation in the project STIFF-FLOP will be presented.

For more information visit the web-site: – www.medicalrobots.eu


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