Blockchain entrepreneurs talk about financial inclusion on June 19

2.7.2020 | 05:25

Racial diversity and financial inclusion are good for cryptology and Blockchain, and the industry has work to do. That was the overall conclusion of the entrepreneurs at a June 14 virtual event organized by Cleve Mesidor, founder of the National Women of Color Policy Network in Blockchain.

The „Juneteenth“ is the celebration of June 19, 1865. When the last group of enslaved African Americans learned of the Emancipation Proclamation that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln had signed two years earlier.

While the United States education system has left many ignorant of the origins of this day. Interest in making it a national holiday has been revived after protests erupted around the world in response to the assassination of George Floyd.

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The Blockchain Online Conference
This Friday, June 19, panelists at the event commented that cryptomonies have the potential to give citizens more opportunity. Not to opt for what they described as a racist financial system on Wall Street. That said, they added that blacks and people of color must be part of the development of technology to make that happen.

The businessmen met to discuss financial inclusion in the crypto-currencies and Blockchain, because, as they say, Wall Street is a racist financial system.

Isaiah Jackson, founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group and author of „Bitcoin & Black America,“ said he believes black investment in digital assets would create a more resilient system than that on Black Wall Street. A black business district that was burned down by white mobs during the Tulsa race massacre in 1921

„You can’t burn down cryptography and blockchain technology. I want to encourage everyone to be vigilant and make sure they start moving their money and savings out of this failed system… We have to make sure we use censorship-resistant, low-cost systems like Bitcoin,“ Jackson said.

Sinclair Skinner, the co-founder of Bitcoin’s pan-African remittance company BitMari, agreed, saying the spirit of Bitcoin and the spirit of the black community are in line.

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