INX has applied for a listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange

6.11.2020 | 08:00

INX, the initial public offering (IPO) cryptocurrency exchange, has applied to list its digital shares on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). The company announced this in a press release.

„Digital securities represent a logical evolution of how investment instruments are created, issued and traded in a regulated market,“ said Richard Carlton, CEO of CSE.

INX is conducting an IPO through the sale of security-to-tenks and expects to raise $117 million.

„Digital securities offer new opportunities in regulated cross-border trading and listings. This is a new era in capital markets where each share can be traded freely on multiple exchanges, providing greater access to capital and liquidity,“ said INX co-founder and president Shai Datika.

The exchange plans to use the proceeds from the sale of digital shares to launch a regulated Crypto Cash trading platform and develop new financial instruments.

Earlier INX announced the purchase of a Chicago broker-dealer of OpenFinance Securities.

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